Check My Paycheck, Check My Salary, Check My Wages

Karen Vercoe and Karen Howe of FixMyPay

Have you been underpaid? Could you be underpaid now? Are you thinking, “I need to find someone to check my paycheck”? Do you need guidance and help checking your entitlement for superannuation, leave and overtime?

For only $160, we will check the relevant agreements, awards, standards and Fairwork Act and report our findings to you. This will give you a fast and effective solution to your pay concerns.

Our service is unique, backed by many years of experience in the Human Resources field and available anywhere in Australia. In most cases, it pays for itself and a lot more!

Don’t wait until you leave to speak out. Start recovering your pay now!

How do you check my paycheck?

Think of us as your personal payroll auditors. Here is what we will do for you as part of your wage check:

  • Check your pay rates
  • Review your termination payments
  • Check your redundancy payments (ETP)
  • Check your allowances
  • Review your superannuation
  • Review any overtime and time off in lieu (TOIL)
  • Consider hours worked
  • Verify your leave entitlements (Long Service Leave, Personal Carers Leave, Annual Leave, Parental Leave)
  • Confirm loadings and penalties

Why get Fix My Pay to check your paycheck?

Here is why you should choose us as your payroll specialists:

  • You will be in good hands. We will file all the required paperwork on your behalf and communicate with your employer, if necessary
  • You can get up to 6 years of unpaid income with our help, providing your employer is still operating
  • We have recovered $18,000 and more for an individual claim – see our testimonials
  • You get the benefit of many years in the HR and Payroll industry
  • You are safe with us, because other than the application fee, you pay a small percentage of the money you get back

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