Our mission is to assist those who need our services in regards to checking accuracy of pays, whether you are an individual (employee or ex employee), or an employer.

Whilst our application process is designed for individuals, we are currently working with many employers in terms of checking their payroll.  For more information on how we do that please email info@fixmypay.com. We will send you further information in regards to conducting a pay check of ALL your employees. Just put PAYROLL CHECK QUOTE in the subject field as this will ensure a quick response.

Our recommendation is to have a pay check completed every year. We can provide updates on pay increases. If you haven’t had your pay rates checked recently, then we urge you to act NOW!

This is a step in the right direction for you as a business to get expert advice regarding your payroll. The penalties are substantial, and in addition you may have to back pay underpayments, and no business allows for those risks.

Let’s get it right and maintain the correctness of your payroll. We can work with the person doing your payroll. We can generally work remotely during this process with what we do. We are very flexible, discrete and affordable!

Another option is to outsource. Please be aware if you are going to outsource your payroll to a bookkeeper, or accountant, be sure they have payroll/HR background.

You can outsource your payroll to us for peace of mind as an affordable option. You can request this information on how we do that to info@fixmypay.com. Just put OUTSOURCE PAYROLL QUOTE in the subject field as this will ensure a quick response.

You need us if you’re having difficulty with any of these:

  • Fair work claim against you?
  • What to pay your staff?
  • How to calculate a final pay?
  • Anything else staff related?

What our client say

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We have outsourced our payroll to Karen Howe since 2012. We are commercial plumbing company and our workers are employed under a union EBA which is quite complex. We employ between 12-20 employees depending on workload.

We were not of the size that we needed a full time HR person but at the same time needed to ensure that the EBA was followed correctly and our employees paid as required. Apart from doing our weekly payroll, Karen is always only a phone call away when there is any type of other HR query or request, including terminations, policies and procedures, audits etc.

We have found her extremely knowledgeable in her field, flexible, approachable and reliable. After many years of trying to “Work it out ourselves” we have found this arrangement to be one of the best decisions we have made, and are very confident in recommending her to anyone.


Dennis and Ann-Maree Hastie August 8, 2016