Frequently Asked Questions

How can you assist me to ensure my pay is correct?

Once you pay the $160.00 application fee, you will be asked to provide some information via our Request Form. With this information we check and report back regarding your pay by utilising the relevant agreements, awards, standards and Fairwork Act.

What if I have left my employer?

We can go back up to 6 years and seek unpaid income providing your employer is still operating.

Is this available nationally?

Yes, we have knowledge and access to Awards nationally, and the National Employment Standards.

Is this limited to an industry?

No, we have knowledge and access to ALL Awards nationally, National Employment Standards and other relevant legislation.

What can you help me with?

  • Termination payments
  • Redundancy payments (ETP)
  • Pay rates
  • Allowances
  • Superannuation
  • Overtime and Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)
  • Hours worked
  • Leave entitlements (Long Service Leave, Sick Leave, Annual Leave and Parental Leave)
  • Loadings and Penalties
  • Any specific requests you have relating to your pay – just ask the question as there is plenty of space on our form to put your concerns

What if I have been underpaid?

We create an Executive Summary Letter which will respond to your original submission to present to the employer.

How much will this cost me?

Initially, we charge a small application fee to check your pay. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions & Fees.

I work for the government, how can you help me?

Just because its government doesn’t make it right! The QLD Health payroll crisis proved that. In our experience we have found errors across all industries. This is a specialty area like any other and employers do not specialise in your pay!

Why would I use FixMyPay?

  • We are a one-stop-shop for anything relating to your pay and benefits
  • You can ask us any question relating to your pay and benefits
  • Initial check done without you approaching your manager/employer
  • We/you can use our Executive Summary Letter to approach your manager/employer
  • We can act on your behalf if would like us to
  • Low fee for peace of mind