My son was being ripped off by his employer

My son worked for a restaurant for just over a year. Over that 12 months, I asked my son on several occasions, have you signed an employment contract, what about Super? Have they asked you for your Super details, what about pay slips? His answer was always no, nothing.

I guess time goes by quickly, we all get caught up with life, and as a 19 year old boy, I try not to interfere in his life too much. For some reason, I thought his hourly rate was $20, which to me, was appropriate enough. It wasn’t until his Manager, fired him via text – and the text stated – Don’t bother coming back. I started asking more questions to my Son in regards to his pay.

When he told me, he was receiving $17 per hour as a casual and worked late, I became upset and agitated. I don’t know a great deal about wages, but as I have been in the workforce for 30 plus years, I think I know enough that he was being ripped off and underpaid.

I just happened to be watching TV that evening, and the story of a young girl who was being underpaid Amy up on the screen, so I immediately became interested. She contacted a Company called ‘Fix my Pay’ for them to help her retrieve her lost wages.

The very next day I e-mailed Karen from ‘Fix my Pay’ and within a very short time limit, she responded and asked me to give her as many details as possible.

Even though my Son did not receive rosters or pay slips, his days and hours that he had worked for this Company very rarely changed, but it did become very frustrating that we did not have any paperwork to back us up, just our honesty.