My son was being ripped off by his employer

Mother and Son

My son worked for a restaurant for just over a year. Over that 12 months, I asked my son on several occasions, have you signed an employment contract, what about Super?

Penalty Rates: What You Need To Know


Whether you get penalty rates can depend on your award, industry and employment agreement or classification. However, there are still standard minimum rules that apply to employers under the Australian

Working Travellers: What You Need to Know

Working traveller in Cairns

As a working traveller in Australia there can be a lot to know about your requirements and rights as an employee. Unfortunately, many travellers end up being underpaid and exploited

What are my rights as an Employee?

knowing my rights as an employee

Knowing your rights as an employee can be a daunting and complex task – there is a lot to know and information varies across industries. As an employee, you have

Am I Being Paid Correctly?

Am I being paid correctly? Ask Fix My Pay

As an employee, your minimum pay rate can be determined by your award, enterprise agreement, other registered agreements or the national minimum wage. It is important to research an know

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